Factory Farming...
Winners and Losers

Factory farming represents a broken covenant.  Our dependence on animals was supposed to be a mutually beneficial relationship, a symbiotic relationship.  

Yet it is becoming clear that what has now evolved in animal husbandry looks very much like exploitation.  Have we betrayed and sold out the weakest, most helpless creatures supposedly under our care; our farm animals?  

This website it dedicated to the exploration of industrial farming, also known as CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations), and the challenges and choices it now presents to us. 

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Learn the Process

Take the time to learn how animal flesh and animal products end up on our table and be sure to look at the whole process from start to finish.  Don't rely on the information presented here, do your own research then make up your own mind. 

Read a Book, Watch a Video, visit a Website

Read some of the books in our recommended reading list, watch the videos on the internet documenting what goes on in the factory farms, buy the DVD "Food, Inc." or "The Cove" or the "Future of Food", and look into the power brokers behind the industry.

Make Your Choice

Then make your own decision about how much and what type of animal products you will continue to consume (or not).  Most important is to learn the long term effects on our health, the damage done to the environment and destruction of the community and family farm, then make your choices.  Read on but watch the video first.

What Is the Factory Farming Industry Hiding?

The Video, "If Slaughterhouses had Glass Walls everyone would be a Vegetarian", is produced by PETA and narrated by Paul McCartney.  It sums up better than a million words why these pages are included in the Factory-Farming.com website.  It is a video the meat industry does not want anyone to see.

An Inside Look

Factory farming produces a product from living machines, confined to one spot, fed but rarely cared for, living in stress and often pain, terror, boredom, and incredible filth. 

It is a high volume process designed to minimize cost using ever more efficient technology, pushing for faster and faster production lines such that the human workers can seldom keep up the pace; much to the detriment of the animals headed for a painful death.   The toll that farm factories take on the long term health of their workers is severe but has been carefully hidden from view.  

The carnage extends to beef, dairy, poultry, pork and fish.  No animal is spared if it can be squeezed to produce a profit for the multinational corporations and their stakeholders.  You know who they are, you see their names every time you walk into a supermarket.

The Real Cost

The lower cost foods achieved by these operations come at an incredible cost to the communities that are unfortunate enough to have them as neighbors. 

The evidence is that they heavily contribute to the declining health of consumers of their products and the workers on the animal factory assembly lines (or disassembly lines).  They destroy the quality of life in the surrounding community, pollute the environment, and subject the animals themselves to unspeakable suffering and torture.

What's In a Name?

The industry would rather refer to factory farming as a "Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation" or CAFO but Captive Animal Feeding Operation is more descriptive.  In reality there is no resemblance whatsoever between farming and an animal factory. 

At every step of the way, it is an industrial enterprise very similar to a manufacturing production line, only with more blood, pollution, pain, and cruelty.  Yet our government still views these operations as farms instead of industrial manufacturing and exempts the captive animals from all animal cruelty laws, after all, they aren't really animals, they are production units.

It's All About the Money

As far as the factory farming industry is concerned, the creatures pain, suffering, filth, sickness, shoulder-to-shoulder crowding and environment are irrelevant so long as the animals get fat and can bring in a profit in ever shortening time frames.  

Think about what animal factory food really is.  It is the spoils of a pure profit driven system fostered by collusion between government, a politicized judiciary, an efficiency driven industry and science-focused academia.  Animal science has replace animal husbandry.

Is There a Good Side?

The original intent of this website was to present both the good side and the downside of factory farming.  It quickly became an exercise in futility since no sustainable upside could be found, not for us, the workers, the community and certainly not for the animals. 

The Rationale

Proponents, meaning the companies that profit from the system, point to the low price of meat and dairy at the supermarket and say that without such mass production (economies of scale), it would be impossible to feed the population.  These claims will be exposed as pure nonsense and/or outright lies.  The true cost, the hidden costs, of those low prices will be explored in detail. 

Lower Prices but at What Cost?

Consumers are paying the price in higher taxes to subsidize the multinationals, higher environmental costs to remediate their damage, higher health costs, degraded lifestyle in the local communities, loss of the economic base of the local community and an insensitivity in the workers from constant exposure to the cruelty of the system.

The site is devoted to raising public awareness of every aspect of the whole factory farming industry.  It has been hidden from sight too long and it is way past time to shine the light on it.

We Are What We Eat

Site Build It!

Consumers must know where their food comes from, that it once had a face, had feelings, felt pain, was often tortured for the pleasure of the workers, and most of all, what it is that they are really eating.  There is no truer statement than, "we are what we eat" and the animal factory food we are eating holds some very unpleasant surprises.

The site is highly populated with very graphic videos of just how factory farm animals are treated.  Many of the films were obtained by PETA, The Humane Society, Farm Sanctuary and other animal rights activists, often at great personal danger.  They are hard to watch but that is the idea after all. 

Changing Hearts and Minds

The objective of this site is to touch people’s conscience and change hearts and minds about farm animals to the extent that no one will be able to ignore such activity any longer.

Below is a short You Tube video that was intended to be funny.  It is funny but the message is profound.   Watch the people's reactions when they see first hand where that fresh pork is coming from. 

It is a foreign film in Portugese but the message is clear.  "Moedor de Porco" in the film means "pork (or pig) grinder".  People would care greatly if they could see in living color how living animals are turned into sausage links and shrink wrapped flesh.  So in the interest of full transparency, let's get glass walls on all those slaughterhouses.

Video From Pegadinha com Ivo Holanda and uploaded by claudiard1981   

The key is knowledge; knowledge about the type of food we eat, how it was prepared, where it came from and, in the case of animal flesh and dairy products, how it was raised and under what conditions.

This can be accomplished by doing your own research using a variety of reliable resources such as the books, videos and websites referenced above and displayed throughout this website.  

There are many excellent websites to start with and one of best (besides this one of course) is Belsandia.

It presents a very accurate description of the factory farming system and presents an easy, commonsense vegetarian alternative to eating animals and animal products. 

Visit this site via the link above and find out what Belsandia means and how it is restoring health to thousands of people though dietary adjustments.      

Influence Peddling and Corruption in High Places

The factory farming system must step up to some long overdue changes.

For starters, the multinational corporate lobbyists must be reined in. 

The enablers must be exposed.  These are the supporting structures of compliant government regulators, a bought-and-paid-for judiciary and the revolving door between government and industry.

Corporate leadership that considers profit above concern for the community must evaluate the long-term consequences of their actions and be held accountable. 

The corrupted academics found in many land-grant colleges and research institutions that seek to genetically engineer animals to fit the system instead of changing the system to accommodate the animal must be regulated. 

Genetic Engineering and the Brave New World

Wait until you see what the industry has in mind for the farm animals of the future with the help of animal science geneticists.  “Transgenic” and “xenotransplantation” are the new buzzwords of our brave new world. 

Is it too Late?

The position of government and industry with respect to farming has been to "get big or get out".  It is time to change that to "get sustainable, get clean, get healthy and get humane or get out".

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