Farm Sanctuary
A Journey from Hell to Heaven 

Farm Sanctuary is Gene Baur's creation and this page is dedicated to his work and inspiration.  There are numerous other sanctuaries across the U.S. all doing their part to rescue the victims of the factory farm system and bring change to the way we view our food.  

There is power in numbers and no doubt their combined influence will speed the demise of the system.  Eventually it will cave in simply because it is not sustainable.  

Gene is president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary and author of the book of the same name.  

His accomplishments on the behalf of tortured factory farm animals is presented as an inspiration and model for others who have the means and the heart to save food animals from a life of fear, pain and abuse. 

Watch the short video below and meet this remarkable man and then think about symbolically adopting one or more of these wonderful creatures and really share the love.

Please go to Farm Sanctuary to see this remarkable place and learn more. Remember, it's not what we get out of life that matters, it's what we give to life.

Gene has created a place of refuge, care and safety for animals who would otherwise be confined in ridiculously small spaces their entire life, unable to even turn around in most cases, fed an unnatural diet, genetically engineered to grow fat at an accelerated rate and slaughtered for the food chain while still adolescents.

They experience neither comfort nor relationship, neither compassion nor care and will never experience what it means to be a pig or chicken or cow or steer.  

Of course we are talking about the industrial factory farms, the CAFOs, not the few traditional family farms that still understand and practice animal husbandry instead of animal science that places efficiency and profits over humanity and compassion.  

Animals arrive at a farm sanctuary from a variety of paths.

Some were abandoned by farmers who financially could not provide their upkeep and merely walked away; some were so sick and weak that the slaughter houses didn't want them and just left to die in a corner of the lot; some were rescued victims of natural disasters such as a North Carolina hurricane that destroyed several factory farm pig barns; some were very fortunate escapees from a farm factory or slaughterhouse.

The common denominator is that all of them had ceased to be animals to their owners or factory farm operators.  They were nothing but production units, machines in a production line, without feelings and undeserving of the cost of veterinary care, adequate space or the right to live the natural lifestyle of their species.

The Farm Sanctuary as a Change Agent

The objective of a typical farm sanctuary is to save and provide the facilities for the animal to live out its life in pain free, fearless comfort; to allow the pig or sheep or cow or chicken to be itself. 

The book cover pictured above, "Our Farm: By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary" tells the story of many residents of Farm Sanctuary in their own words.  Click on it and buy the book, you will be glad you did. 

However there is much more to the picture.  Most of the farm sanctuaries are in fact change agents, working the various state legislatures to initiate and enforce animal welfare laws and bring action against the industrial and individual animal abusers.

Gene Baur's Farm Sanctuary has been particularly successful in getting convictions of feedlots and slaughterhouses for animal cruelty, they have gotten laws passed banning many of the worst factory farming practices and exposed the hellishness of a factory farm to the general public. 

The public is the key; once people know what their grocery dollars are contributing to and what they are really eating, changes will come.

Farm Sanctuary is also working to change consumer eating habits by introducing their new website (as of May 2014,

The objective of the site is to make it both easy and delicious to phase meat out of ones diet.  Too many people recoil at the word "vegan" much less becoming one.  So V-Lish was created to "be your resource for the recipes, videos and tips you need to join in on finding, or creating, the most lucious meat-free meals around".  Click the link and check it out.

Please visit Gene Baur's Farm Sanctuary website, buy his book, Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food

or his latest book, Living the Farm Sanctuary Life: The Ultimate Guide to Eating Mindfully, Living Longer, and Feeling Better Every Day (you can do that by clicking the book images above and below or by clicking either link) and please donate to the cause.

Click on Donate Now to support Gene Baur's sanctuary with your financial help; nothing is easier or will make you feel better.

While Baur's refuge for farm animals has been the focal point here, there are probably hundreds of similar farm animal rescue operations across the country. 

Lists of such farm animal shelters by state as well as country appear at and a guide for setting up and running an animal shelter is provided by Farm Sanctuary at Sanctuary and Farm Animal Care Guide.

In addition, Gene Baur's book has an appendix categorized according to types of resources available to anyone willing to help.

More Places of Refuge and Compassion

Another animal sanctuary worthy of mention is Maple Farms Sanctuary in Mendon, MA. Cheri Ezell Vandersluis, co-founder of Maple Farm Sanctuary

It was co-founded and still operated by Jim and Cheri Ezell Vandersluis and they have a remarkable story to tell.  If you can't visit the farm, then visit the website and support them as you can.

Another one is Pigs Peace Sanctuary founded and directed by Judy Woods in Stanwood, WA.

Her website offers a wealth of information about pigs, including wonderful photos, videos documenting the life of factory farmed pigs versus the life pigs live at the sanctuary.  

Judy saved her first pig in 1994 and the die was cast from then on.   The photo of Judy and curly is worth the visit to the site all by itself.

Judy Woods, founder of Pigs Peace

Photo left:  Judy and Curly; Now that's True Love!

One more that has to be highlighted is Animal Place in Grass Valley, California.

The Animal Place was cofounded in 1989 by Kim Sturla and Dr. Ned Buyukmihci and both are still very active in management and operation of the sanctuary.   Like many of the farm sanctuaries mentioned, Animal Place is more than a place of refuge; it is also a very active agent for change.  

Executive Director Kim was instrumental in getting the first law on the books to protect students who are unwilling to participate in animal dissections.  She has been an animal activist for over 30 years and served as the director of the Peninsula Humane Society for over 10 years.  

Kim Sturla, co-founder of Aniaml Place

Among other things, she is a pig whisperer who can communicate with these incredible animals.

From their website, the mission of Animal Place is to "extend compassion to all life with a special emphasis on farmed animals. This is executed by providing permanent sanctuary, education, legislation and appropriate placement of needy animals." 

Can you think of a more worthy mission in life?

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