The Humane Society of the U.S.
The Animals Best Friend

The Humane Society dates back to 1954 making it about 60 years old as of this writing.   It is the nation's largest animal welfare organization and is currently under the leadership of Wayne Pacelle, CEO and President.
Pacelle assumed his position in June, 2004 and Under his leadership, the organization has been transformed from a dowdy protector of pets into an aggressive, multi-focused force for change.

From their website,, we read that the Humane Society now has "11 million members and constituents, annual support and revenue of $170 million, and assets of more than $237 million.

As of 2013, the organization is the 136th largest charity in the United States."  Quite an accomplishment!

As animal activist groups go, the Society has its fingers in more pies than any of the others.   Among their more visible programs are the:

  • abolition of dog fighting and cockfighting
  • reformation or elimination of puppy mills
  • exposing and outlawing the cruel practices of the factory farm (be sure to watch the HSUS video Homeland to Wasteland, featuring David Kirby, author of Animal Factory
  • exposing the fate of downer cattle and ending their introduction into the food chain
  • ending the annual Canadian seal hunt in which thousands of baby seals are clubbed to death
  • ending canned hunts of captive exotic animals
  • stopping the slaughter and export of horses to countries where horsemeat is a delicacy
  • promoting pet adoption
  • setting standards and policing of animal shelters
  • operation of animal sanctuaries and rescue facilities
  • operation of wildlife rehabilitation centers and mobile veterinary clinics
  • ...and that's just the short list.

    Innovation never stops at HSUS and one of the latest is the launching of an online site to teach and help other animal rescue groups how to operate more successfully. 

    Fittingly enough, the site is called Rescue Central and is a one-stop resource where rescue groups can find help with fund raising, operating their business, involving the community and providing the best possible care for animals. The Rescue Central is part of the HSUS site where numerous links address the real nuts and bolts of saving the animals.

    We have given this activty special mention simply because it is so important and vital.

    Get the Book

    Wayne Pacelle has written a book, available at most booksellers and online, called The Bond: Our Kinship with Animals, Our Call to Defend Them.

    Click on the link or the book's image to buy the book and help the HSUS.

    The Humane Society Must be
    Doing Something Right

    Animal activists attract enemies and the more successful, the more vicious the attacks.  The HSUS probably has more than most and the one to watch out for is a which operates under the nice sounding name, "Center for Consumer Freedom". 

    While it tries to disguise itself as a grassroots movement to expose abuses in the Humane Society, it is in reality a one-man show, namely Richard Berman, who is funded by big agribiz.  Just Google "Richard Berman" (not to be confused with Rick Berman, the TV producer) and you will get the real story. 

    The funding flows from factory farmers, puppy mill operators, fast food operators, seal clubbers and any corporation or individual that profits from the suffering of animals and wants to keep the status quo.  

    Watch for more lies, half-truths and unfounded allegations from Humanewatch in the future; there is big money at stake in the animal flesh business.  The funny thing is that if the Humane Society paid Berman enough, he would become their greatest advocate; that's what hired guns do. 

    Whatever flows from Humanewatch or the Center for Consumer Freedom, just know that they are only spouting whatever their anonymous clients are paying them to say or do.  Follow the money!

    And speaking of money, anyone wishing to support the work of the Society, may do so by clicking on Donate Now.

    Next let's take a look at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA for short.

    This is an animal activist group that has been called a lot of things including a terrorist organization.  I suppose if you are an animal abuser, PETA just might strike terror in your heart.  Good for them!

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