The Humane Farming Association

The Humane Farming Association came into being in 1985 and, according to their website, have a quarter of a million members.  The protection and welfare of farm animals is its main objective but in so doing, also strives to protect us humans from the side effects of consuming factory farmed food.  Those side effects include consuming antibiotics and the resulting antibiotic resistance, hormones, and bacteria.

By reining in the factory farm and commercial slaughterhouse abuses, they also end up protecting the environment and us from polluted
land, air and water.  Specifically the HFA is noted for relentless legal actions, undercover anti-cruelty investigations, their National Veal Boycott, and the campaign against slaughterhouse abuses.  All in all, they are a leading force against cruel agribusiness practices.  

Any organization devoted to the welfare of our food animals must also be in the business of rescuing them from the unnatural confinement they endure from birth to slaughter.  The Humane Farming Association is very much in the animal rescue business. 

They own and operate Suwanna Ranch which may be the world's largest animal refuge, covering 7 square miles of land which also contains several areas set aside as wildlife sanctuaries.  Anything of this nature
must, of necessity, be protected from poachers and the wildlife residents are extremely well protected.

See for yourself what the Humane Farming Association does. Surf and study their beautiful website and take the time to watch their videos, especially the ones on veal and pig farming. Hopefully, veal will never pass your lips again and you will think twice or three times before buying those pork chops and bacon.

Next help the cause by donating whatever you can. There is not much that is more important that changing this inhumane, cruel system known as factory farming. Just click on Donate Now, nothing could be easier or more needed than your help with their work.

Lastly don't forget to take a look at The HFA Marketplace and consider buying Gail Eisnitz's landmark book, Slaughterhouse. Click on the book cover to the right to learn more. It exposes like nothing else before, how these these places operate and how they play for keeps; yes, people have been killed for exposing their cruelty. Under cover work is a dangerous occupation.

In closing, the most powerful weapon against the factory farming system is education. The HFA takes a very serious, pro-active approach to teaching people, even very young people, where their meat, eggs and dairy product come from and what the animals endure to become shrink wrapped packages and cartons in your local supermarket.

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