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Home Page: Why Should We Care About Factory Farming?

Factory-farming Blog

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The Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO)

CAFO Introduction: Why we care.

The different types of CAFOs: How the animal fits the factory.

Lead in page to the different types of animal factories by species.

Beef CAFO and Slaughter: Know where your burger came from?

The Dairy CAFO: No wonder they need to pasteurize milk.

A Pig CAFO: Does it have to be this way?

Chicken Factory: Genetically engineered birds

Turkey Factory: Are there any heritage turkeys left?

Foie Gras: Have some diseased goose liver.

Fish Farming: CAFO of the sea.

Pity the mare in a PMU factory farm.

The ongoing legacy of factory farming

Environmental Impact of Factory Farming: Very Scary.

Factory farm manure; Guess where it all ends up.

Pig CAFOs: not worth the environmental cost.

Mega chicken factories yield mega tons of toxic chicken manure.

The downside of fish farming.

The Future of Food - Influencing Factors

Forces shaping the future of food.

Climate Change and Weather Impacts on Food

The March from Arable to Wasteland

The Falling Water Tables

The Monoculture: Setting the Stage for Disaster

Genetic Engineering: When Man Plays God, There's a Price to Pay

Pollination: When the Birds and Bees Disappear

Fish Stocks in Decline

Sustainability: Things Have to Change

Health Hazards from Factory Farming

The big health issues revealed.

Can healthy food come from an animal farm?

Raw milk: An alternative to factory farm milk

Advent of the Fast Food industry

Rise and spread of the factory farm

Blame the obesity and diabetes epidemics on corn and CAFOs

CAFOs: Broken Promises, Broken Dreams

Pathogens and Super Bugs

Salmonella, E.Coli, Listeria

When avian flu becomes a mass murderer

Swine flu and bird flu

Mad Cow Disease, CJD and TSE

How to make a super bug

How the Food Recall system works

Animal Activists and Sanctuaries

Activists: Fighting to change the system

Brook Hill Farm: Saving Horses and People

HFA: Rescue, Sanctuary, Legislation, Education

HSUS: Farm animals best friend

PETA: The face of animal activism and animal rights

Animal Sanctuaries: Places of refuge for the condemned

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